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out of brain error

I have what the doctor said is either bronchitis or pneumonia or both, and since I've had bronchitis before and it didn't feel like this, well. Just finished a course of antibiotics which appear to have done precisely zip, so I get to go back to the doctor. And the whole thing evolved out of a cold I literally caught the last weekend of September; it has not been the best month.

I am so out of brain I don't even know how to describe how out of brain I am, and I have been completely unable to focus on new books, watch emotionally involving new television, etc. I've hit a point in Fez where I'm going to need to be able to do some platforming which I'm not great at in order to progress, and while I'm going to download the Sam and Max games, it's not like I haven't played them before. I am also vastly, immeasurably, incredibly bored and twitchy at how housebound I've been, but whenever I go out and do anything I get noticeably and immediately worse.

Also, being sick reminds me of how when we lived in Texas I was sick for months and months and months and it was terrible and did horrible things to my mood, so there's remembering that and worrying about how long this is going to last.

I could really use some recommendations for entertainment. To give you an idea of the sort of thing that works right now, I have Cookie Clicker open in a tab and it was perfect for a while but then it got to the point where most of what I have to do is wait around. I just finished watching season four of The Great British Bakeoff, and I've reread all the Moomin books and a large chunk of Georgette Heyer.

So I'm looking for: really, really, really fluffy books; television which is involving but not stressing (the problem with most reality shows is that the contestants are bitchy to each other-- I tried Masterchef Junior and it was too competitive); online stuff; games which do not involve explicit physical/emotional violence or excessive physical dexterity, either for a moderately old Mac or downloadable on the Xbox Live Arcade; movies in which nothing bad happens. I do not have an ebook reader. I am too tired to knit. I am willing to throw some cash at things if it will result in something which is really occupying for a fair length of time, but I'm hoping to be well or at least better before the amount of time passes which anything that is difficult to get hold of would need to turn up in the mail-- like, next-day shipping from Amazon, reasonable; something which would need to come from, say, Britain, not so much.


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