Rush-That-Speaks (rushthatspeaks) wrote,

what I had been trying to do with the agar agar

Nine took a picture of the dessert in question. It came out very well, I think, considering. It has soymilk and coconut milk and sugar, and bits of it are flavored with lemon extract and bits with almond. Next time, ditching the lemon, keeping the almond.

The cats have I think now forgiven me for the jellied water dish but spent much of last night pointedly and loudly drinking out of the Christmas tree holder. Which they aren't allowed to do, except last night, because that was only fair.

I would explain more about how I jellied the cats' water dish, but the way I have been putting it to people is that my life was briefly taken over by somebody who is much better at slapstick comedy than I am. Which honestly means that there were a few very exciting minutes in there and I do not, in fact, know with total clarity what went on.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

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