Rush-That-Speaks (rushthatspeaks) wrote,

Earlier tonight I got to take Janelle Monae's hand when she crowd-surfed. That is all.

the thing where we were locked out of my car after the concert and the keys were possibly not even in it and we had to wait an hour for a locksmith and then the keys were thank all that is holy in the back seat, I do not even care about that at this time, this is a concert during which I lost an earring I wrote a haiku for at Wiscon straight out of my ear and it was the best live show I have ever been to of any kind ever it was worth the earring I do not even care. If she is coming to your city this tour, go, go, go, she is better in person than either her recordings or her actual music videos, oh my god, go. Wow. Just... wow.

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