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my Arisia schedule

Friday, 7:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Literature, Faneuil-- Secret Cities Full Of Secretive Secrets

Almost every urban fantasy is predicated on one major fact: there are secret fantastical societies operating in cities without the average populace ever noticing. Is this conceit actually possible? What keeps these magical creatures from actually overtly impacting their environments other than arbitrary authorial rules?

Daniel José Older (mod), me, Margaret Ronald, Craig Shaw Gardner, Vikki Ciaffone

Cities panel from an angle I haven't seen before!

Saturday, 1:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Media, Paine-- Welcome to Night Vale: And Now, The Weather

"Welcome to Night Vale" has become the most popular podcast on iTunes over the last year. A creepy take on small-town life in the Southwest, replete with conspiracy theories, bizarre humor, and a dog park in which neither dogs nor humans are allowed, it's both entertaining and scary, and has generated a huge fan community. Come if you're interested in learning about what makes the show so popular, to discuss favorite moments, or to speculate on where the story is headed.

Gillian Daniels (mod), me, Melissa, Adrianne Brennan, Kate Nepveu

The first time I've gotten to be on a panel with [personal profile] kate_nepveu. Also, nice to know what T-shirt to wear Saturday.

Saturday, 7:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Comics, Adams-- Homestuck

Recently compared to such divisive and monolithic works as *Ulysses*, *Homestuck* is a digital, partially interactive webcomic about four friends, told in the style of a text based adventure game. Numerous theories, head-canons, and shipping quadrants found within. Sound interesting? Come along and find out more about this truly unique web phenomenon.

AlxJrvs (mod), J.S. Hailer, Juliet, me

Conflicting... shirt... necessities... I guess one can put a hoodie over a T-shirt. Anyway, by the con I am going to have the correct hoodie. I have kept Homestuck almost entirely off this blog, because otherwise THERE WOULD BE NOTHING ELSE HERE. One reason I don't have a tumblr at this time is that THERE WOULD BE NOTHING ELSE ON THERE. Because HOMESTUCK.

Saturday, 10:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Literature, Faneuil-- That's It! I Am Throwing This Book!

We’ve all been there. You’re reading a book, and that thing happens. Maybe it’s a small thing like poor research or plot holes. Maybe it’s a huge thing like a gratuitous tragedy done for nothing more than shock value. This panel will discuss some moments where they felt like throwing a book across a room.

Kate Nepveu (mod), James Nicoll, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Carl, me

So much to talk about! I mean, you get more height with paperbacks, but the thunk noise is way more satisfying with hardcovers, and do trade paperbacks split the difference successfully or do they have entirely different aerodynamic considerations?

Sunday, 1:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Writing, Hale-- Reading: Garrott, Gladstone, Grant, & Odasso

Authors Lila Garrott, Max Gladstone, April Grant, and Adrienne J. Odasso will read selections from their works.

I have not yet met Max Gladstone, but I look forward to sharing reading time with the other two, who are both awesome. Seventy-five minutes divided by four is ~18 minutes of which one wants to save some time for questions etc., so I will be reading from my reviews, as I cannot get a novel excerpt into that amount of time.

Sunday, 2:30 PM, 1 hr. 15, Writing, Bulfinch-- The Roots of Horror: Writing What Scares Us

How does one write something which truly scares or disturbs the reader? What do you draw upon to create a visceral reaction both in yourself and your audience? There are the usual fears of death, loss of a loved one, disease etc.; what else is there? How does what scares us define us?

Hildy Silverman (mod), me, Spinster, KT Pinto, Trisha J. Wooldridge

Theory! I has it! Don't know how much of it people will want, but this is a field in which I actively keep up with current theory.

Monday, 11:30 AM, 1 hr. 15, Literature, Burroughs-- Stick With It! Complex, Rewarding Literature

Most of the time, the SF we read is easy enough to get through; however, at times, we've picked up or been recommended a work of SF only to find it more than we bargained for. Not a tedious read, but rather an epic journey, fraught with trials and tribulations yet eminently Worth It. What favorite works of the panelists' are difficult to get through, but ultimately worth the read? How does one make the reading of one of these diamonds more feasible without losing any of the effect?

Me (mod), Greer Gilman, Max Gladstone, Dennis McCunney, Sonya Taaffe

Should be fun. Lineup and subject combine to make something I can haul myself out of bed for on a Monday morning.

Monday, 1:00 PM, 1 hr. 15, Literature, Adams-- Get Off My Lawn: Backlash Against Progress In SFF

Over the past few years, we've seen many a kerfuffle in genre that amounts to "you kids get off of my lawn". There are some who seem wedded to the SF/F they grew up with to the point of excluding anything or anyone new and progressive - which seems antithetical to the whole concept of science fiction! We'll discuss progress in genre and the backlash against it.

Daniel José Older (mod), James Nicoll, Feste, me, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

SO glad this panel is happening.

Monday, 2:30 PM, 1 hr. 15, Literature, Burroughs-- From Earthsea to Ekumen

Arguably Ursula K. Le Guin's two greatest achievements are the fantasy world of Earthsea and the SF universe of the Ekumen of Known Worlds. Earthsea is a world of natural magic in which the self-knowledge of the adept is the key to effectiveness. The Ekumen is a members-only interstellar organization encompassing numerous cultures. Do we see the same vision in these worlds? Are they different sides of the same coin? And how have these two worlds influenced the fiction of the last four decades?

Me (mod), Mark Richards, Greer Gilman, Victoria Janssen, Sonya Taaffe

... that title ought to be the other way round. The panel should be fun.

As you may have noticed, there are nine items on this schedule. Which means that if you see me doing anything extremely energy-burning on, say, Saturday, or skipping a meal, or otherwise being profligate with myself, you absolutely have my permission to tell me to sit down/go to bed/eat/drink, because I missed a day of Arisia last year due to illness and WE ARE NOT DOING THAT AGAIN especially when Monday is Modding Things Day. I'm going to try to take it easy, but you know how cons get.

Who am I going to see at Arisia? We could, you know, dinner...

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