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a link and a schedule

My review of Hari Kunzru's The Memory Palace is up at Strange Horizons. Short version of the review: Well, that was meta.

And my Boskone schedule, assuming that weather permits:

Friday, February 14th

Reading, by Lila Garrott, 19:00-19:25, Griffin

Novel excerpt, not the one I've read before. A review if there's time.

Great Ghost Stories, 21:00-21:50, Harbor I

Out on the fringe, the living and the dead intersect in some fascinating fashion, bringing out the drama, tension, and atmosphere that have become hallmarks of a well-told tale of the supernatural. A shining example: Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. However, not all ghost stories are created equal. Join us for an unsettling discussion of what makes a good ghost story great -- and why some don't scare us for a second, while others haunt us still.

Paul G. Tremblay (M), F. Brett Cox, Lila Garrott, Theodora Goss, Jack M. Haringa

The Haunting of Hill House is not a ghost story, and this looks like a fun panel.

Saturday, February 15th

There are two program items whose lineup consists entirely of members of Sassafrass; I'm not directly listed on either of these, but they are likely to be relevant to fans of the group. I may or may not be at either or both; I am more likely to be at the later one. They are:

Let's Talk Crowdfunding (Special Interest Group), 13:00-13:50, Galleria-Discussion Group

Ever want to write a novel, make a comic book, or develop a game, but the resources needed are beyond your pocketbook? Why not collect funds on such sites as IndieGoGo, GiveForward, Kickstarter, RocketHub, Fundly, GoFundMe, or Fundageek? It's a great concept with enormous potential; let's discuss the pros and cons, successes and failures of crowdfunding.

Ada Palmer, Tili Sokolov

Singing in Harmony (Workshop), 18:00-18:50, Douglass

There's joy in singing along with other people. Sometimes singing along with the melody is all you need, but there's something magic about harmony. Learn how it's done.

Kara Hurvitz, Ruth Wejksnora-Garrott, Alexandria Wilkie

and then the entire group, including me, will be kicking off the

Boskone Filk Fest, Set 1, 20:00-21:00, Harbor II + III

with a concert.

Sunday, February 16th

Concert, Sassafrass/Crowell, 13:00-13:50, Douglass

And then our other concert is this half-hour set the next day.

If I see you at the con, say hi.

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